Eric Lindberg

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Jazz Theory

Eric Lindberg studied music at Johnson State College. He has taught and performed with and for the Austin Guitar School, University of Texas’ Informal Program, and Harwood High School. A Virtuoso Pop Recordings artist, Eric served as primary vocalist/guitarist for Buddy Miles’ last toericlindberg32uring band.

I specialize in American Music (Blues, Jazz, Country, Funk, etc.) and in guiding my students past the point where they are thinking about the instrument and to the place where they are simply USING the instrument to express their thoughts. This can be accomplished in any number of ways and most of them will be introduced and utilized simultaneously. Learning music is like developing a picture of yourself. Little by little, things become more in focus, clearer, sharper. By the time you really can make out the details, you’ve taken another picture. That, my friends is good news, indeed.