“How It Works”


Students are asked to register either in person or online before their first lesson and pay the registration fee of $25.00 . This allows you to get the most out of your first lesson without having to worry about paperwork. Please note that a “re-registration” fee of $10.00 will apply to any student who is returning after being off the instructors schedule for a period of 12 months.


Instructors are paid directly for lessons on a monthly basis, payment due the last lesson of the month for the ensuing month. Current rate: $28.00 per half hour lesson; 45-minute and hour-long lessons are offered at the teacher’s discretion and are charged accordingly. Lesson blocks not paid for in advance become immediately available for new students. Students are not charged for lessons that fall on the following holidays: Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, July Fourth, Labor Day and Memorial Day.


Students are required to make their designated lesson times, and missed lessons are not subject to make-ups. Should an instructor, for whatever reason, decide to add an additional lesson at a time other than that scheduled, that lesson would be at an additional charge. Should a student decide to discontinue lessons prior to the end of a scheduled month, the instructor will provide you the remaining lessons you have paid for and no refund will be offered. Vacations, school or otherwise, are treated as missed lessons.


Students are credited for scheduled lessons that are canceled by the instructor. This credit is applied to the next month’s payment. In some instances, the teacher may offer a make-up lesson at a mutually agreed upon time.


All lessons, without exception, are given at the Ted Herbert Music School at 880 Page Street in Manchester (free parking in our own lot). The waiting areas should be kept quiet and orderly. Parents are responsible for their children in the waiting areas. We ask that all families allow us keep our costs down but helping us maintain our waiting rooms and common spaces.

Interested in getting  more information?

Call The Majestic Theatre at (603) 669-7469 to request information regarding lessons, email us at [email protected], or inquire online using the form HERE.